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With over 25 years of experience both practicing and teaching chiropractic medicine, Dr. David Butler applies “all the right moves” to help you eliminate your pain… not just alleviate it. He has become the Doctor’s Doctor, whereby the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners has used him for technique and peer review of other chiropractic doctors.

Health and Wellness Center

His passion for your wellness is demonstrated by his commitment to continued education in Spinal Bio-Mechanics. He is sought out for his expertise’s in applying the Pettibon System, an advanced state of the art scientific approach to ensure you have the right diagnosis and application of chiropractic corrective procedures.

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Contact Information

Dr. David Butler
Century Chiropractic Center
2308 So Broadway St, Suite 5
Alexandria, MN 56308

Phone: 320-762-0667
Fax: 320-762-1587
Email: drbutler@rea-alp.com
Website: centurychiropracticcenter.com

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